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Welcome to Redwing's website.  

We provide you - NHS Hospital Trusts - with the information you need to know how you're doing . . . which is the first step to improving productivity.

We take the detailed data records of your day-to-day activities, and refine them.  That process generates information that you can use to take action, to increase efficiency and improve patient care.

Redwing is a new company; nonetheless our portfolio of Hospital Intelligence Solutions is based on our solid, practical, working experience within the NHS.

Our flagship products are Oriole, the Operating Room Intelligence on-line environment, which delivers operating theatre performance information and Patient Master Index (underpinning everything).

Effectiveness in the operating room is critical to patient healthcare.  Efficiency in theatre management is crucial in the control of costs. In both cases, accurate, timely, and actionable information is the key to success.

Redwing can give acute Trusts those keys to success.  It's important to note, though, that we are not a software company; we're a services company.  We don't sell software packages you have to install, on the machinery you have to buy, which you then have to staff, to run and maintain on your premises.  We offer a cloud-based service, powered by our infrastructure and supported by our people.  You get the benefits, delivered direct to your browser on your screens.

We feel the overall argument is compelling: hugely improved business intelligence, the potential for significant savings in theatres, and most importantly, improved patient care.   That said, we're not quite there yet.

  • Oriole is built, it works, it's being used for real, and it's been evolved over two years interaction with NHS theatre staff.  Queen Elizabeth Hospital executive has said they are happy to be our reference site.

  • We have a solid management team in place, with really substantial NHS experience.

  • TrusTECH is the NHS North-West Innovation Hub, and our innovation partner within the NHS.  They are independently validating the usefulness of our service, and helping us put Oriole into practice.

We're now moving into full-scale production - setting up our cloud-based hosted infrastructure that will serve dozens of acute Trusts.  As we're doing that, we're embarking a series of talks and discussions with theatre management through the country.  One of the things we're doing is a 'try it out' programme, where we loan one of our Oriole tower servers to a Trust and let people see the value for themselves without any committment.  

To move forward with your hospital's drive for better patient care and improved productivity, then please Contact Us.

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